Preliminary Program Ver.20140826

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日程表 Ver.0810

Instructions for Presenters

Instructions for Oral Presentation

1. Speakers have 15-25 minutes for their oral presentations including the discussion (refer to the program).

2. Approximately 20 percent of the time are allocated to the discussion.

3. Each presenter should use his/her own PC.  Projector is equipped at the conference hall. 

4. Before starting the session (during the breaking time), speakers are requested to connect their PCs to the projector at the conference hall.

5. Speakers are expected to bring backup data stored in USB flash drive, CD-ROM, etc.

Instructions for Poster Presentation

1. Posters are displayed on the panels in the main poster-session room as follows:

Poster No. 1-18: Tuesday, September 2, 13:00-18:00
Poster No. 19-36: Wednesday, September 3, 9:00-19:00
Poster No. 37-54: Thursday, September 4, 9:00-18:30

2. The presenters are requested to be present near their posters to answer questions during the poster session.

3. Posters that are not specified to display in the main poster-session room should be displayed in the sub poster-session room in the Gallery Building, so as to be displayed throughout the conference period.

4. Presentation number is shown on the upper left of each panel.  Use the panel that matches your presentation number.  Push pins are prepared at each panel.

5. The maximum size of each poster is 180 cm (height) by 120 cm (width).

6. There is no format for the posters.  Place the title of the presentation, author names, and their affiliations at the top of the posters.

7. Poster award will be given for the best posters.


  Name Affiliation Field
1 Dr. Darrick Balu Harvard Medical School, USA Neurophysiology
2 Dr. Jacqueline de Belleroche Imperial College London, UK D-Amino-acid oxidase and ALS
3 Dr. Jean-Marie Billard Université Paris Descartes, France D-Serine in neuroscience
4 Dr. Francesco Errico Ceinge Biotecnologie Avanzate, Italy D-Aspartate and D-Aspartate oxidase
5 Dr. Jen-Ai Lee Taipei Medical University, Taiwan D-Lactate in kidney injury
6 Dr. Jean-Pierre Mothet CNRS-Université Aix-Marseille II et III, France D-Serine in neuroscience
7 Dr. Céline Ollivaux Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France D-Amino acids in small peptides
8 Dr. Gyula Pályi Modena University, Italy Chiral chemistry
9 Dr. Loredano Pollegioni University of Insburia, Italy D-Amino-acid oxidase
10 Dr. Roland Reischl University of Salzburg, Austria Analysis of D-amino acids and D-amino-acid-containing peptides
11 Dr. Jonathan Sweedler University of Illinois, USA Aspartate/serine racemase
12 Dr. Roger J. W. Truscott University of Wollongong, Australia D-Amino acids in proteins
13 Dr. Guochuan Emil Tsai Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, USA Schizophrenia
14 Dr. Alessandro Usiello Ceinge Biotecnologie Avanzate, Italy D-Aspartate and D-Aspartate oxidase
15 Dr. Yong X. Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China D-Amino-acid oxidase and Pain
16 Dr. Herman Wolosker Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Serine racemase



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